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Brinks Begins: 1859

Once Synonymous with Fortress-like Security and Dependability

In 1859, one enterprising Chicagoan, Washington Perry Brink (known to most simply as “Perry”), founded the Brinks Chicago City Express Company. On May 5th of that year, this new, plucky parcel transportation service made its first delivery in a horse drawn wagon. Due to the entrepreneurial skills of its founder, Perry Brink, and the large demand in the rapidly growing city of Chicago, the Brink’s Company grew rapidly and soon expanded into new markets. With a reputation for steadfast dependability and security, customers quickly began trusting Brink’s with more and more valuable packages; in 1891, Brink’s made its first delivery for a bank, consisting of six bags of silver dollars sent to the Home National Bank of Chicago. Shortly thereafter, in 1893, Brink’s became the official money transporter for the renowned Chicago World’s Fair. By this time, the Brink’s name had become synonymous with safe-like security and trustworthiness.

Brink’s Enters the Home Security Business

Brink’s Chicago City Express Moves into the Modern Age of Home Security Services

During the 20th century, Brink’s significantly expanded its operations. After the end of the Second World War, the company introduced armored cars (the first of their kind) and started issuing heavy duty weaponry to their drivers and operators. In the 1960’s, it expanded into Europe, and then South America. Over the course of the 1970’s, Brink’s moved into the air freight market (providing the safety and security of a Brink’s truck in the sky), and then to Asia and Australia.

With a sterling reputation and global recognition for safekeeping valued goods, it was only logical that Brink’s began offering home security systems when they became popular in the 1980’s. In 1983, Brink’s Home Security was formed to provide customers the same peace of mind that banks enjoy when they receive a money delivery from a Brink’s armored car. The company was a great success, and instantly gained a reputation for the providing top notch home safety services at a very affordable price.

Over the years, Brink’s Home Security gained an impeccable record for safeguarding the lives and possessions of its valued customers. By 2008, Brink’s Home Security was trusted with the safety of around 1.2 million customers. This trust was not misplaced!

Brink’s Exits the Home Security Industry

Brink’s Home Security Becomes Broadview

Brink’s dominated the market for home security systems for a full twenty-five years. During the course of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Brink’s Home Security enjoyed a particularly successful stretch; for example, the company was a repeat winner of the Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy” award for Home Security services throughout both decades.

In 2008, Brink’s Home Security was spun off from the larger Brink’s Security Corporation and took on the name “Broadview Security.”

Shortly after Brink’s became Broadview Security, it was acquired by Tyco Holding Corporation and folded in to an existing home security brand (ADT).

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