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Wireless alarms

Wireless Alarm System vs. Hardwired Alarm System

An alarm system can be an important addition to your home security plan; however, how do you choose the right solution for your needs? Alarm systems can actually deter robberies. The main purposes of an alarm system are to alert you of any type of break-in and to stop break-ins from happening in the first place. There are two main types of alarm systems from which to choose: a wireless alarm system, which utilizes wireless technology for home placement, and a hardwired alarm system, which requires the use of wires that connect the alarm system components together.

Wireless Home Alarm System

A wireless alarm system is state-of-the-art in home alarm technology. Wireless alarm systems are best for use in places where you need various components that need to be tied together throughout the home and grounds. A wireless alarm system eliminates the need for wires and therefore, allows you freedom in placement of all the devices you want installed in your system. A wireless home alarm system uses wireless technology similar to that of your wireless network to connect the system.

You can use many types of items that connect quickly and easily into your wireless home alarm system. Some of these include door and window monitors, alarm sirens, cameras, motion detectors and intercoms. These can be installed more easily without the need for wires. The prices of these components are similar to those of wired equivalents. The price for installation is also similar when comparing a wireless alarm system with a hardwired alarm system.

Hardwired Alarm System

Hardwired home security systems require the use of wires to operate each of the components of the system. For example, you will need to have wires connecting the front door with the alarm box and the siren, as well as a wire back to the telephone connection. When you add other doors, window cameras and intercoms, each will also need to have a wire connecting it to the system. An alarm specialist can run the wires inside the walls and ceilings of your home.

Some homes, particularly older ones, may not have the ability to have wires run inside the walls to all the locations where you want security equipment. In this case, you must either run the wires exposed, which often looks tacky, or eliminate the security component from your system. Some jurisdictions restrict the exposure of low-level wiring and thus, they must be installed inside the walls.

No matter what your home alarm choice may be—a wireless alarm system or a hardwired alarm system—you will need to keep a few key things in mind. Consider the importance of keeping a connection to the alarm company. This easy phone line connection can now be cellular as well. Connecting your alarm system to the alarm company provides you with an additional level of support. When the alarm is compromised, it will automatically alert the company, whereby it is able to react quickly. Whether you choose a wireless alarm system or a wired system, you’ll be secure in knowing that you are protecting your family and your home from harm.…

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Crime on the Rise – Top 3 Reasons You Need a Wireless Security System

As more and more Americans are experiencing lay-offs and financial pressure, it’s no wonder crime is on the rise. When society is financially unsound, people have a tendency to panic and act out in ways that are uncharacteristic. A wireless security system provides homeowners with peace of mind, and in today’s world, serenity in the midst of chaos is priceless.

Do you live in fear of what might happen next? Are you anxious about the safety of your loved ones? Does a dark cloud loom over you at all times? Surveillance camera systems not only protect your valuables, but also keep you and your family members from harm. In the end, they are great investments for ensuring total home security.

Check out the top three reasons why you can’t afford not to have a wireless security system:

Reason #1: Protection & Peace of Mind

The fact that wireless alarm systems provide protection and peace of mind is really a no-brainer; however, it’s always worth pointing out. All too often, we hear about horrific incidents of home invasion, whereby homeowners are robbed of their valuables—and some have even lost their lives. Let’s face it: Protection from outside influences should not be a game of Russian roulette, but rather, a guarantee.

Reason #2: Better Technology

As we well know, technology is continuously evolving. From medical advancements to breakthroughs in computer science, a ‘bigger and better’ edition is continuously introduced. Wireless security cameras are much more efficient than one that is hard-wired for many reasons.

First, many burglars have figured their way around traditional alarm systems with physical wires. With wireless, the system is virtually undetectable both outdoors and indoors. Second, the installation process of wireless alarm systems is easy and quick, as minimal drilling is required. And third, a wireless alarm is user-friendly; you can control the entire house at the touch of a button.

Reason #3: Faster Response

Along with better technology comes better response. Wireless home security systems leave very little room for error and thus, the monitoring is top-notch. These days, home security companies offer all sorts of devices and products, including infrared motion detectors, surveillance cameras and keychain remote access. For just a small monthly fee, you get impeccable service, advanced technology and, best of all, peace of mind.

Wireless – The Way to Go

If you conduct a simple Google search on ‘wireless alarm systems,’ it’s likely you’ll come across several websites that tout do-it-yourself (DIY) home security. While DIY is much safer than having no security whatsoever, it’s best to have your system professionally installed and monitored.  When it comes to safety, you should compromise nothing. So what are you waiting for? Protection and peace of mind, better technology, and a faster response is only a phone call or click away. (Make sure you conduct research on security companies and ask for customer references!)…

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