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Facts and Statistics

Crime Statistics – Be an Informed Homeowner

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or already own one, neighborhood crime statistics offer a bevy of information crucial to maintaining a safe living environment for you and your family. Understanding the crime rate and other specific crime statistics can help you make informed decisions when purchasing a home or outfitting it with the necessary anti-theft devices.

While most people are generally aware of the overall crime rate for their neighborhood and surrounding areas, there is still plenty of knowledge to gain from seeking out your town’s crime statistics. Most people, naturally, concern themselves with issues like violent crime. And while there may be little to no violent crime in your area, you could be surprised to discover the truth about the property crime rate in your neighborhood. So, here are some examples of the information you will obtain from researching crime statistics and the ways in which you can protect your home and family.

Burglary Crime Rate: A surprising 21 percent of all home robberies are committed by people the victim already knows. And while you may live in an area where forcible entry or assaults during burglaries are rare, the crime statistics for petty theft during a burglary could still be alarming.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to decrease the likelihood of a home invasion. Having a monitored alarm system installed in your home can lower your chances of burglary by as much as 60 percent. Consider combining this with other basic home security measures like quality locks, solid exterior doors, and motion sensitive lighting.

Auto Theft Crime Rate: The crime statistics for car theft or break-ins may warrant you to take some special safety measures. One simple step to take includes parking your car in a locked garage or at least parking it in a well-lit area. Locking the doors and being certain not to leave any personal items, including registration papers, in the car are everyday things you can do to make your car an unattractive target to thieves. Purchasing a dealer installed anti-theft device or a car-tracking system are more extreme steps you may need to consider based on neighborhood crime statistics.

Vandalism Crime Rate: Another way to incur property loss is through vandalism. It is quite possible that you will find vandalism topping the crime statistics in your area. Since vandalism is usually a crime of opportunity, as opposed to being premeditated, you need to make your home unappealing to any neighborhood vandals.

Motion detector light fixtures at all exterior doors can be enough to scare away potential vandals, as well as burglars. Exterior security cameras is another option—they will likely keep vandals from ever setting foot on your property; if not, you at least have a chance to catch them in action for prosecution purposes.

The old saying, “better safe than sorry” comes into play when discussing crime statistics. Don’t be naive to the troubles in your neighborhood. Call your local police department or go online and download recent crime activity information, along with up-to date crime rates. Be an informed homeowner and keep your home and family safe.…

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