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Window Security Bars: Worth It or a Waste of Money?

Do you need window security bars to add to the feeling of security or are they simply a waste of money? The answer to this question is actually complex. In fact, the answer depends on various other factors. For example, a big factor to think about is the other type of security features that you have in place. Modern wireless security systems also monitor windows and doors, making the need for window bars less necessary.

Window security bars are, however, a visible deterrent for burglars. Those viewing your home for a possible break-in will see the window bars in place and will be less likely to want to choose your home for burglary. Window security bars are best suited for windows that are easily accessible from the outside. The best use for security bars for windows is on homes that are in busy city neighborhoods where the possibility of a break-in is increased. When your home is located near sidewalks, streets and walkways, the windows are visible to those going by and may pose a security risk if no security measures are taken.

Window security bars are also a good idea to put into place for windows that are on second story (or higher) windows to protect children from climbing through them and falling outdoors to the ground. Keep in mind, however, that home security bars can also keep rescue personnel from gaining entry to your home in case of emergency such as fire. The best security bars for windows provide a way for people to remove them from the inside if necessary. Stationary window bars are not only dangerous in terms of an emergency, but can also be unsightly.

Sometimes the best use of window security bars is in conjunction with other forms of home security that you have in place. If you have rooms, such as a basement, where you may not have constant visual access, you may want to increase the security of those areas by getting window security bars installed. In these areas, you can feel more secure by installing permanent window bars. Burglars will not try to break a window for entry when there are window bars in place, since they will still not gain access to your home.

If you have window areas that are a safety concern to you, add a security camera to your home alarm system to deter possible burglars from considering entry. Adding as many security features to your home as possible will increase your home safety and help to reduce the risks to you and your family.


One Response to “Window Security Bars: Worth It or a Waste of Money?”

  1. Maxidor on August 26th, 2009 9:59 am

    Security gates do act as a visual deterrent, there are expandable and retractable gates out there that are not only strong but can be moved out the way when not needed, this way ensuring your house is locked up when you are asleep or away. But a full 360 security solution means looking at all the options and combining then to best suit your situation and environment. Here in South Africa we are very security conscious and our homes are the one place we need to feel safest…

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